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Good is not Enough



Good is not enough to do business with foreign customers or to maintain long lasting business relationships with partner companies abroad. That is an established fact.

Our company has set up “Startup Bangalore” to help a limited number of good,self-employed web developers to become experts in insourcing.Coaching and counseling we’ll help them to grow step by step into their international career while working and training at the same time.

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Startup Bangalore is creating “Excellent Team”

WeConnect Business Solutions offers a limited number of professional web developers the opportunity to start their own business and will coach and assist them to become the future business partners foreign companies are looking for. We developed a challenging concept for a small “excellent team” of motivated ,serious working, inpendent professionals (m/f) who can use this as ajump board to start their own company.

The professionals we offer this opportunity should have serious intentions about their future. They acquired their vast experience either in an

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Always someone really good

There is no better slogan I can think of to start our blogging with, because we made it our job to find these really good, talented people that like to do the work, you don’t want to do yourself. It’s the ultimate outsourcing. They may be hard to find, but we succeed in selecting the best your requirements matching specialists. And we also do it with pleasure.

While you can stay at home and concentrate on your daily business and core activities, we search, interview,

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