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Enthusiastic about running a company internationally; have motivated and dedicated resource wanting to show their presence in the global market but not be able to get the breakthrough.

WeConnect addresses these concerns. WeConnect specializes in connecting interested Indian companies with foreign partners and help them achieve international success. We are ambitious and independent and believe that it is your quality and timely delivery of products/services that help you accomplish. Our focus spreads across micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

WeConnect with utmost appreciation accepts that India has eminent quality companies hidden in the midst of highly competitive international competition. Our responsibility is to promote India and particularly these small businesses to foreign companies for mutual benefits. We are best at finding you the right partner that would strive for long lasting relationships. WeConnect also provides the necessary understanding on the diverse culture, business ethics and operating principles establishing the cultural paradigm.

WeConnect has a wide network of Indian and foreign companies and hence finding the right partner for an Indian company or a foreign client is quick and ascertained. Companies are personally visited and verified before introduction to the parties. We generally meet the management and through discussions come to learn about their working style, standards, timelines, quality of live and other resources and their interest of working with offshore companies. We also download the desired standards and deadlines that would need to be delivered.

At WeConnect, we believe in quality and performance. We work with companies of the same premise and we guarantee you Value for Money.

Are you interested in a long term business relationship with a company abroad? Please use the contact form and we assure you will get a hold of what you desired.

It is our pleasure to be a part of your Network!!