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WeConnect provides a widespread of services for the benefit of our clients. We help you search suitable and reliable business partners that best fit your requirements and competencies.

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In the midst of too many things, one often misses out on focusing at the core function involving more time and cost. To eradicate this issue, companies outsource their not so important tasks to other connoisseurs. They are best in their functions and provide these service at the most affordable rates. Hence, this allows you to focus on your core competencies saving immense time and cost.

For instance, open positions are a huge cost to the company. Not only is hiring expensive but the vacant position also affects the overall productivity and business of the company. Moreover, finding the right resource, training them etc., involve extra effort and is a waste of fruitful in-house resource.

The most common misconception about Outsourcing is that the company would have to relinquish its control but this is not at all the case. You would still have command on the material and resource without adding the overhead costs to your account.

India - Outsourcing Hub

The one stop destination for all outsourcing solutions -India. It is the most preferred and still the world’s favorite outsourcing target because it is home to smart talent that delivers prompt quality results at low costs.

India captures 65% of global offshore market making it an unbeatable and dominant leader for outsourcing. The Indian government offers tax holidays under Section 10A and 10B of Income Tax Act on certain IT enabled products and services. (Including back office operations, call centers, GIS, Insurance claims, data management, legal, medical transcript, content, engineering and architecture)

The key factors that contribute to India’s position as a preferred destination for offshore outsourcing:

  • Easy access to Resources
  • Effective and efficient production
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Assured data security
  • The best in Infrastructure and technological capabilities

India has a large talent pool of professionals with technical and special skills. The zonal time difference adds to the advantage as they can extend productive hours at your convenient time of work. Employees in India work in shifts of 24×7 reducing the TAT.

Yes, India provides services at low costs. WeConnect would offer the best talent at the best rates.